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I like to make marketing ideas come to life.
From early thought to sticky plan.
From plain stupid to tangled and complex.
If there’s a story to tell, there’s value to sell.







Digital marketing is about delivering an end-to-end solution. Increase brand awareness, trigger engagement with added value, convert leads and nurture happy customers. That’s what makes marketing the new sales.


By sharing my insights and knowledge, I can work effectively with others to achieve better results. Simply because effective marketing requires collaboration across teams, companies and even systems.


Developing engaging creative that drives a response, that’s the fun part of digital marketing. With a perfect balance between content, context and design, you can deliver a unique experience that triggers engagement.


Erik is the ideal man to translate your online business needs to the technical guys who have to execute: database enrichment, lead generation, product communication, clickthroughs, … you name it. And vice-versa, he’s very capable in helping you understand their lingo. He co-thinks, pushed back, proposed alternatives to whatever crazy idea we could come up with. Erik really was my Digital Marketing LEAD”: leading the team an every digital marketing initiative, while steering web agencies and reporting on the progress, … Did I say he was also very fun to work with? Patrick Viaene

Licensing, SAM & Compliance Manager, Microsoft

I first met Erik when I was still working at our agency of record McCann, servicing Microsoft. Erik helped me out a lot to ‘get’ Microsoft and I owe my job there at the company not a little to his support and insights. As a passionate and hard-working professional, Erik knows his job inside out. He’s a number cruncher and combines great analytical skills with deep technical knowledge. I also witnessed that he’s a great manager who trusts and respects his team and knows how to make it thrive. And he has been a great coach to me personally as well. Kris Decoodt

Product Manager Digital, Mediafin

I had the pleasure to be part of Erik’s Online Services Team for 5 years. He is a top class people manager and has the gift to bring out the best in people, without being too pushy. A strategic and creative thinker with a strong focus on solutions and an eye for detail. He knows the business inside and out. I strongly hope I will have the pleasure of working with him again one day. Katleen Coppieters

Marketing Manager, Spikes

I had the pleasure to work with Erik as a client and it was a great opportunity for me. I met him as a person with amazing attention to details and drive for result. It was great to have the chance to work on all the projects together with him. Roger Schaeffeler

Managing Partner, Wunderman

Erik has a very good understanding of the digital world & works to find solutions to any technical problem. He first worked on a wide range of businesses locally and later on an international level, as Digital Marketing Lead for Western Europe. He personally contributed to a higher level of digital marketing capabilities across 12 countries. Saskia Schatteman

Marketing Lead, Microsoft


If you need to improve your digital marketing or enhance your online presence, whatever brings your marketing ideas to life… I can maybe help you.

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If I can help you, I will. And If I can’t, I’ll still help you. I’ll give you my honest feedback and tell you exactly what I would do if I were in your shoes.


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